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Re: Questions on supporting multiple naming contexts in the slapd.conf

Good questions...

> 0) Can I use the same type of backend (bdb) for both naming contexts?
> I'm assuming that this is valid.
Yes, multiple bdb backends is valid; but see #3.

> 1) The second naming context is rooted at an object that is a "logical"
> child of the suffix of the first naming context - is this acceptable to
> do?
Yes, although you might want to look into the "subordinate" keyword.
(Maybe not, based off #4 question.)

> 2) The rootdn (Manager dn) for both naming contexts is a dn which is
> found in the first naming context "cn=Manager,dc=marakicorp,dc=com
That should be OK.

> 3) The database location (directory) is the same for both naming
> contexts - I'm not particular that the same store be used for both
> naming contexts - I'm okay with separate database stores, but would like
> to clarify if this is doable.
That's not OK. Make a new directory and a new DB_CONFIG file as
appropriate for each database.

> 4) I don't expect the second naming context root object
> (cn=Subcontainer,dc=marakicorp,dc=com) be reachable from the first
> naming context, but presumably if there is a referral object in the
> first naming context that "refers" me to the second naming context, I
> would be able to spelunk from the first naming context into the second.
You can refer anywhere you want, even off your server. You can use ACLs if
you don't want things to "be reachable" otherwise.