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RE: ppolicy overlay password problem

Hi, Howard

Thank you for the reply.  My client is regular linux (Fedora 4), and I am just using ssh to login.  When I build ldap, I run the test and test022 passwd without problem.  The only difference between test022's user and my reular user is objectClass, test022 uses "interOrgPerson", and my user uses "posixAccount".  Since I need uid, etc for Linux account, I have to use posixAccount.

I also know the problem is on server side.  I run the slapd in debug (-d4).  I can see that if there is no ppolicy overlay configured, I will got password error (49),

==> bdb_bind: dn: uid=tester,ou=People,dc=n2p,dc=com
send_ldap_result: err=49 matched="" text=""

If I put ppolicy overlay in, there is not err send to client.

send_ldap_result: err=0 matched="" text=""



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The test022 script in the bundled test suite specifically tests for 
authentication using an incorrect password, and this test works 
correctly in my 2.3.11 build. As such, I do not believe there is any bug 
in OpenLDAP software here. You should check whatever software you're 
using to "login."

Baoning Pan wrote:
> Hi,
> I need help on ppolicy as this is the first time I try to use it for company internal use.  I search the mail listing and web and cannot find same problem.  
> I compiled openldap 2.3.11 on Solaris 8, with bdb.4.3.29 and openssl.0.9.7g.  First I started slapd without ppolicy, and things works fine.  Then, I added ppolicy overlay/schema.  slapd started/loaded fine.  But I get big problem with user password, user can login with "ANY WORD" as its password even though I can see new "pwdFailureTime" entry is added to ldap db for that user.  
> Thanks.
> Here are the ppolicy related entries/ldif for my slapd.conf
> include         /usr/local/openldap/etc/openldap/schema/ppolicy.schema
> overlay         ppolicy
> ppolicy_default "cn=Standard Policy,ou=Policies,dc=n2p,dc=com"
> ppolicy_use_lockout
> dn: ou=Policies,dc=n2p,dc=com
> objectClass: top
> objectClass: organizationalUnit
> ou: Policies
> structuralObjectClass: organizationalUnit
> dn: cn=Standard Policy,ou=Policies,dc=n2p,dc=com
> objectClass: top
> objectClass: device
> objectClass: pwdPolicy
> cn: Standard Policy
> pwdAttribute: userPassword
> pwdLockoutDuration: 120
> pwdInHistory: 5
> pwdCheckQuality: 2
> pwdExpireWarning: 86400
> pwdMaxAge: 864000
> pwdMinLength: 5
> pwdGraceAuthNLimit: 5
> pwdAllowUserChange: TRUE
> pwdMustChange: FALSE
> pwdMaxFailure: 3
> pwdFailureCountInterval: 120
> pwdSafeModify: FALSE
> structuralObjectClass: device

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