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Re: LDIF and UTF8

Geert Van Muylem wrote:
> # Gérard,Hoogstraten,BE
> "dn:: Q049R8OpcmFyZCxMPUhvb2dzdHJhdGVuLEM9QkU="
> objectclass: Top
> objectclass: person
> objectclass: organizationalPerson
> "cn:: R8OpcmFyZA=="
> "sn: R8OpcmFyZA=="
> Also why doesn't rfc 2849 use these quotes in the examples?

Because the quotes are not part of LDIF syntax. Simply remove them.
Pierangelo quoted your example to separate it from his text.

Your example must look like this:

# Gérard,Hoogstraten,BE
dn:: Q049R8OpcmFyZCxMPUhvb2dzdHJhdGVuLEM9QkU=
objectclass: Top
objectclass: person
objectclass: organizationalPerson
cn:: R8OpcmFyZA==
sn:: R8OpcmFyZA==

Note the double colons indicating the use of base64. Read RFC2849 more
carefully or use a decent LDIF module for your programming language.

Ciao, Michael.

Michael Ströder
E-Mail: michael@stroeder.com

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> Subject: Re: LDIF and UTF8
>>dn: Q049R8OpcmFyZCxMPUhvb2dzdHJhdGVuLEM9QkU=
> ^^^ try putting "dn:: Q049R8OpcmFyZCxMPUhvb2dzdHJhdGVuLEM9QkU=" here; the
> double colon indicates base64 representation of subsequent value.