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Re: "threads" directive OpenLDAP 2.0.* & 2.1.*

--On Sunday, November 06, 2005 4:08 PM +0200 Edan Shavit <Edan.S@puresight.com> wrote:

Hi All,
We have been using OpenLDAP 2.0.* on Linux for some time now. Recently
we decided to move to the new OpenLDAP 2.1.*.
We experience some difficulties with the configuration we were using in
OpenLDAP 2.0.*. The problems start in the installation process, and the
installation process failed.

This is the add lines to slapd.conf we ware using up to OpenLDAP 2.0.*:
    include         /etc/openldap/schema/my.schema
    database        ldbm
    threads         1
    suffix          "cn=root"
    readonly off
    rootdn          "cn=Manager,cn=root"
    rootpw          root
    index   objectClass	eq
    index   cn,entryPath,notificationStamp        eq
    directory       	/usr/local/ldap
    updatedn	"cn=Manager,cn=root"

After some trials and a lot of errors, we found out that if we remove
the "threads" directive we can install our product on OpenLDAP 2.1.*.

My Questions are:
1)	Is there a reason for using the "threads" directive in OpenLDAP
2)	Is there a correct value of the "threads" directive that can be
use for both versions?
3)	If  there is non, what is the generic way to know the OpenLDAP
when I install my product.

Other than Kurt's excellent question of why you are moving from one historic release to another, the "threads" directive is present in all versions of OpenLDAP. I will however note that a value of "1" is extremely low. The default in OpenLDAP 2.2 and 2.3 is 16, I don't recall offhand the default in 2.1. I generally don't advise going above 16 threads, and recent testing in the Symas benchmarking labs seems to indicate that a lower setting is actually better, as it reduces contention in the backend database.

I would also highly suggest that you look at using the "bdb" or "hdb" backends in OpenLDAP 2.3, as the ldbm database is not nearly as robust or stable as bdb or hdb (when they are properly configured).

Symas Corporation offers free pre-built packages based off OpenLDAP 2.3.11 (CDS 3.0 Beta 1) at <http://www.symas.com> that you may be interested in.


Quanah Gibson-Mount
Product Engineer
Symas Corporation
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