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Re: asynchronous event notification?

Phillip Rhodes wrote:
Hi all, I have a question regarding OpenLDAP and asynchronous events. Does OpenLDAP currently support
any form of event notification? I spent a lot of time
Google'ing and searching the archives of this list
and saw some old discussion from back in 1999 on this
subject, but nothing current.

In case it matters, what I'm seeking is the ability
to receive notification of events such as: adding
an entry, deleting an entry, modifying an entry, etc.
The purpose of this would be for integration with
other software... ex: I add a "user" to OpenLDAP,
and want to programatically update the "user" database
of another application to make it aware of that user, etc.

The typical directory-friendly way of doing this is to write an LDAP client that issues a persistent search for all of the events of interest. That client can then feed the data into whatever other database you're working with. The clever way to do this is to write a module for OpenLDAP slapd that uses the foreign database's API on the backend and maps it into an LDAP view for the frontend (e.g. back-sql, back-passwd, etc...) and use a replication engine to propagate changes in the main LDAP database into the foreign database.

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