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Re: big delete, big performance drop

> At a guess, it is doing what many DB's do -- Not compressing the deleted
> space, which I bet is leaving empty regions for slapd to troll through.
> Probably worthy of some more investigation to see what BDB's doing.

Gotcha.  I didn't see any reference to any sort of "vacuum" and a db_recover
didn't fix it either.  Should've included this info before, but this is v2.3.11 on
BDB plus OpenLDAP's patch.

If it helps, this isn't yet *terribly* critical for me.  This directory goes into
production on 11/24 and even then, I've got a dual syncrepl/heartbeat setup, so I
can flip/slapcat/delete/slapadd/yadayada with minimal downtime if it gets to be an
issue post-production.  But it'd be nice to not have to explain this to the boss;
I'm getting tired of whiteboard diagrams of the whole thing. :)


John Madden
UNIX Systems Engineer
Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana