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Re: schema checking cannot be disabled

At 12:32 PM 9/29/2005, Mike Jackson wrote:
> Any chance of getting a "structuralchecking off" feature in slapd.conf or cn=config, so that people don't have to resort to hacking the source code?

Certainly after someone hacks the source code to well support
such a feature, they could submit their hack for consideration
for inclusion in OpenLDAP Software.  But that hasn't happened
(at least not yet).

>It's nice to try to get people to do the right thing with sensible default values, but if somebody wants to disregard structural integrity for whatever reason, then you should not assume that you know better than them and prevent them from doing it.

I think you might be making assumptions as to why the feature
is not currently supported.

There are numerous features of slapd(8) which experts advise
should be avoided.

This feature was axed because it was broken and conflicted
with our implementation of with other features, in particular,
it conflicted with the DIT content rules code.

Maybe someone will design a new feature to disable
schema constraints that doesn't conflict with our support
for standardized features, implement it well, and contribute
it.  Until then... 

I do note that there was some developers list discussions
in this area.  Anyone considering taking this one would
likely want to review these discussions.

> BTW, would including the extensibleObject class make the server disregard structural integrity checking for that particular object?

All objects are subject to schema checks.  If the
object belongs to the extensible object, that object
is allowed to have values of any (user) attribute type.
The presence or absence of extensible object, or any
other auxiliary class, has no impact on the
structural object class of the object.