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Re: Problems After Upgrade

--On Thursday, September 29, 2005 1:01 PM -0700 David Wheeler <justatheory@gmail.com> wrote:

I installed 2.3.7 over 2.2.26 and can no longer connect to the
OpenLDAP server. This is what I'm seeing in my error log:

Sep 29 12:38:42 sahlins
Sep 29 12:38:42 sahlins Expect poor performance for suffix

Sep 29 12:59:25 sahlins authdaemond.ldap: ldap_simple_bind_s failed: Internal (implementation specific) error

Is there perhaps some configuration setting that I need to tweak to
get this to work? Or maybe a document that explains what I'd need to
adjust when jumping to the new version?

Hi David,

You know that there were incompatible changes made between 2.2 and 2.3 to the database structure, right? You can't simply install the new source and start slapd... You have to slapcat your old database with the 2.2 binaries, and then slapadd your database with the new binaries...


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