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Ldapsearch returning incorrect value

The openldap ldapsearch utility is returning me an incorrect ( looks
like encrypted) value for one the attributes.
However I am able to view the correct value through the ldapbrowser or
jndi API's.
Here are the options that I am using : ( I looking for the value of the
attribute slot)
/opt/openldap/bin/ldapsearch -x -LLL -b
"ou=LinecardDevices,ou=AAADevices,ou=XXXX,o=CCC,c=us" -s sub -D
"cn=dcdadmin,ou=XXXX,o=CCC,c=us" -w abc -h rokumar -p 389
objectclass=sss slot
The value returned is as follows:
while the actual value is 12458
Any idea what options do I need to use to see the acual value?
Warm Regards,