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Re: ACL Headaches

* Bennett, Silas (GE Infrastructure) <Silas.Bennett@ge.com> [050922 20:52]:
> Every ACL listing now has

I think the error is now in the 
'access to dn=".*,dc=qm"' Statement. Apparently you want dn.regex,
instead of dn.base (which is default), although I cannot see why.
Because this ACL is never evulated, your user has no write-access to
your LDAP-Tree.

If there not a pressing need to use dn.regex, use dn.subtree or
dn.children (look in man slapd.access)

> 	by dn="uid=silasb,ou=people,dc=qm" write
> 	by dn="uid=silasb,cn=QM,cn=gssapi,cn=auth" write

Since you have now a working SASL-Regex the second by-clause will
never be evualeted true. The ACL-Engine sees only the modified ACLs,
so you can omit the second by-statement.

On a second note, if you want check a "dn" it is always better to use
dn.exact (usually that is what you want) (ok exact, or base, is the
default, but I like to have my ACLs 100% clear)

> ldap_add: Insufficient access (50)
> 	additional info: no write access to parent

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