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OpenLDAP & Cyrus-SASL: how to specify mech_list


what is the correct way to specify the list of allowed SASL mechanisms,
in an OpenLDAP-server using Cyrus-SASL?

The cyrus-sasl documentation mentions the option mech_list, but I cannot
figure out where and how to specify this. Following some examples I found
on the net, I tried to include e.g.
  sasl-mech_list: PLAIN
into my slapd.conf, which I hoped would disable all SASL mechanisms but
PLAIN, but it didn't have any effect: the server still allowed me to
authenticate using e.g. EXTERNAL authentication.

I also tried to specify mech_list in a separate per-application config
file for the sasl library,
but this file does not even get accessed by the server.

What am I missing here?
And: is there a way to obtain from the server a complete list of
authentication mechanisms which it is willing to accept?

Thanks in advance,



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