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Re: OpenLdap doesn't answer keep-alive from our load balancer

At 05:56 AM 9/21/2005, Chen Shapira wrote:
>do_bind: version=2 dn="" method=128
>send_ldap_result: conn=123 op=0 p=2
>send_ldap_response: msgid=2 tag=97 err=2

Well, seems that slapd(8) does answer the LDAP request...
but with a protocolError (2).   This is because the
client asked for version 2 and slapd(8) doesn't talk
version 2 (it talks version 3).  While you can configure
slapd(8) to accept a version 2 bind (see slapd.conf(5)
for details), it would be better (if at all possible)
to configure the server to use version 3 (see its
documentation).  LDAPv2 is historic [RFC 3494].