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2.3.7 build problems (libtool?)


First, thanks again Howard and Pierangelo for assistance; not so long
ago I asked for a recommendation on how to combine multiple databases
under single virtual DN. Seems like glue + relay is the best solution
for now. Being told that glue won't work with locally (per-base)
instantiated rwm, I tried to make it global and slapd went into an
infinite loop. (Alternate solution with referral chaining resulted in
infinite loop, too.)

Experiments were done on 2.3.6. Hoping that 2.3.7 potentially solves
those issues, I tried to build it on Linux 2.6.12 / GCC 3.4.1 / GLibc
2.3.3 / Automake 1.9.4 / Libtool 1.5.18. 

Configure options:


(standard Mandriva Linux options)

"make" succeeds, and "make check" fails on:

>>>>> Starting test028-idassert ...
running defines.sh
### This test requires the ldap backend.
### If available, and explicitly requested, it can use SASL bind;
### note that SASL must be properly set up, and the requested
### mechanism must be available.  Define SLAPD_USE_SASL={yes|<mech>},
### with "yes" defaulting to DIGEST-MD5 to enable SASL authc[/authz].
Using proxyAuthz with simple authc...
Running slapadd to build slapd database...
/home/mitya/openldap-2.3.7/servers/slapd/.libs/lt-slapd: symbol lookup
error: ../servers/slapd/overlays/.libs/rwm-2.3.so.0: undefined symbol:
slapadd -n 1 failed (127)!
>>>>> ./scripts/test028-idassert failed (exit 127)

Since librewrite is static-only now, and build process somehow uses
old-style linking, symbols for librewrite (and for liblutil) stay
unresolved in rwm-2.3.so.0.

"make install fails" with:

libtool: install: error: cannot install `rwm.la' to a directory not
ending in /usr/local/libexec/openldap

I examined temporary directory used as --prefix=... and found that all
previous overlays have been installed successfilly.