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slapd crashing with Mac OS X clients

Hello :-)

We have been happily authenticating various clients against our openldap install, including various Linux, Solaris & IRIX machines. Recently, a department has been experimenting with authenticating Mac OS X clients against our openldap servers, which has been causing slapd to fall over.

We were running 2.2.14, and have tried upgrading to 2.2.26 & 2.2.28, all of which still crash.

The mac seems to be able to list users, but it is the final step of actually authenticating that is causing slapd to fail. After some googling, it looks like we're experiencing the same problem as http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-software/200506/msg00278.html

Has anyone else come across this, or know how to fix it? :-)

David Barker
University of Exeter IT Services