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Re: OL 2.3.7 and password policy

Samuel Tran wrote:
Hi All,

I am testing OL 2.3.7 on a Debian Sarge box.
I would like to implement the password policy overlay.

When I try to create a dn that would hold the password policy:

stran@educ236:~$ ldapmodify -vv -x -W -D
"uid=stran,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com" -H ldap://localhost -f
passwd_cn.ldif ldap_initialize( ldap://localhost )
Enter LDAP Password: replace cn:
replace objectClass:
replace pwdattribute:
modifying entry "cn=password,ou=Policies,dc=example,dc=com"
modify complete
ldap_modify: Invalid syntax (21)
additional info: pwdattribute: value #0 invalid per syntax

I don't understand why I get that error message.

It looks like slapd's objectIdentifierMatch rule doesn't understand descriptions (though it is supposed to). You'll have to use the numeric OID instead, until that is fixed.

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