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Re: "Protocol error" on ldap_simple_bind_s

On Sunday 11 September 2005 16:05, Pupeno wrote:
> Hello,
> I am making an LDAP client using OpenLDAP's libldap[1], I run ldap_open,
> which returns a pointer and when I run ldap_simple_bind_s, I get that
> error: "Protocol error".
> I remember reading somewhere that the API defaulted to LDAPv2 while the
> server is running LDAPv3, but I can't find that anymore.
> Any help as to what is going wrong is appretiated.
Yes, it is that:
Sep 11 16:31:08 movlab slapd[9702]: conn=6 fd=13 ACCEPT from 
IP= (IP=
Sep 11 16:31:08 movlab slapd[29552]: conn=6 op=0 BIND 
dn="cn=Manager,dc=movlab,dc=pupeno,dc=com" method=128
Sep 11 16:31:08 movlab slapd[29552]: conn=6 op=0 RESULT tag=97 err=2 
text=historical protocol version requested, use LDAPv3 instead

consulting man ldap I see: "A session handle is created using 
ldap_initialize(3) and set the protocol version to 3 by calling 
ldap_initialize is now replaced by ldap_init or the better ldap_open, but I 
can't find what replaces ldap_set_option, does anybody know that ?
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