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Re: password-hash {CLEARTEXT} with slapd 2.3.7

> Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>> The code where the {CLEARTEXT} scheme is defined differs from that of
>> other schemes because the berval that contains the scheme name
>> intentionally has 0 length; I guess this was a hack to allow no scheme
> Do you mean liblutil/passwd.c ?
>> and {CLEARTEXT} somehow appear as the same scheme, but it broke at some
>> point.  I'm not sure if setting that length to the actual length of
>> {CLEARTEXT} will break anything else, but it'll surely fix this issue.
>> I'd leave this to someone else.
> Sorry, I cannot locate the point, I don't know the sources good enough
> yet. Is there a blueprint, or map, helping me orient in the code?
> If you agree this as a bug, I'll drop an ITS on that.
> Tony, I dont understand what you want telling me: Omitting any
> password-hash
> defaults for me to SSHA. What is the way you use what?
> Samuel, what did you misconfigured? changes.txt mentions ITS#3846 in 2.3.5
> but there is to text on this ITS any more.

I realized that I didn't misconfigure anything since you also have the
same problem. You should definitely file an ITS.