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Re: password-hash {CLEARTEXT} with slapd 2.3.7

lør, 10.09.2005 kl. 13.34 skrev Adam Pordzik:

> Since I yesterday I updated to 2.3.7, slapd refuses to start with
> "password-hash {CLEARTEXT}". Setting explicitly --enable-cleartext
> to ./configure doesnt help. "slapd -d 256" returns:
> .../slapd.conf: line 19: <password-hash> schema not available ({CLEARTEXT})
> .../slapd.conf: line 19: <password-hash> no valid hashes found

Agreed, it has happened since a couple of versions ago. It appears to be
the default, anyway now, so ... file an ITS? Nah. It's what I use.


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