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backends LDAP and META

does anybody is working with the meta backend??
i am having a problem with it... i have two servers, they are partitions and share parts of the
same tree, i am trying to grant rights for a group in one partition so its members can access it
but, it only works when i use the LDAP backend, i am trying to configure the META backend to work
the same way but i'm not having success...

the partitions DNs are "dc=br" and "ou=subPar,dc=br"
the configuration with the LDAP backend on the partition "ou=subPar,dc=br" is like the following:

database     ldap
suffix       "dc=br"
uri          "ldap://IP";
lastmod      off

(it works)

and the META configuration on the same machine is:

database     meta
suffix       "dc=br"
uri          "ldap://IP:port/dc=br";
lastmod      off

(is doesn't works)

can anybody tells me what i am doing wrong???
i mean, i've followed the man pages, the slapd made it to execute, the search on the
"ou=subPar,dc=br" shows every object in "dc=br" but... the only problem is with the ACL check... 

thanks for helping!!!! :P


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