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Re: How to Migrate from Iplanet to Openldap

As discussing particulars of a non-OpenLDAP server are off-topic
here, this thread should focus on how one generally migrates from
some other LDAP server to slapd(8).

Regarding schema, slapd(8) configuration directives expect
schema to be described using standardized formats (see RFC 2252).
One should be able to extract the schema, in RFC 2252 format,
from the controlling subschema subentry on the other LDAP server
into an LDIF file using the standardized schema discovery
facilities.  Then, one needs to massage that LDIF file into an
slapd.conf(5) format file (or into an LDIF file suitable for loading
into cn=config).  Aside from dealing with the obvious
LDIF/slapd.conf(5) syntax differences, that massaging needs to
trim the output to just the user application schema to be loaded.

Regarding data, extract to LDIF, strip out operational attributes,
and load using ldapadd(8) or other tools.


At 12:21 AM 9/8/2005, Zahi Hammad wrote:
>  I need to migrate iPlanet Directory service to OpenLdap.
>  I have OpenLdap installed correctly ,but I don't know how te begin 
>the migration.
>  I think I need to get a translated schema from iPlanet to OpenLdap, but 
>I don't know how te get it , and then how to proceed with the migration.
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