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Re: Cannot create a database with more than one level of subordination

> Your errors may be caused by changed in ldbm from 2.1 to 2.2.  Maybe
> you can db_upgrade?  I'm not sure on the specifics of that for ldbm,
> but it's worth investigation.
I also suspect that the reason may be in some hidden database format
incompatibility between 2.1 and 2.2. But all worked well until I
attempted to add the third level, so this should be very thin and
strange incompatibility. To be honest, I would not like to change the
database format, because I'd like to keep a possibility to simply copy
the database from one server to another, if this another server crush
for some reason or the replication fail because of communication
problems. But, of course, I will be forced to upgrade the database, if I
don't see any other remedies for this problem. Thank you.

> On a general note, why are you splitting the directory into multiple
> servers lik this?
Because this three DCs with their correspondent servers live in three
different places. The sites are connected with WAN links, not very fast
and not very reliable. Each site has its own Samba domain, which uses
the administrative information from its own OpenLDAP servers. The
directory should be "globally readable", so that users can logon in any
site, no matter from what hierarchy level his(her) personal LDAP record
comes from. And it (the directory) should be "locally writable", so
that, when a user changes his password, the database update should be
local for this site and not require the live connectivity to any other
sites. I beleive, my design is the most suitable solution for this case.
Am I wrong?


Dmitriy Stepanenko aka Mudropolk
e-mail: mpolk@kt-privat.donetsk.ua
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