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Re: SUMMARY: Re: cachesize does not exceed 1000 entries

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

The point seems to be little related to OpenLDAP software, if the issue reduces to Solaris client __always__ requesting that control with that pagesize. The question is: what does the client __really__ need? Does it
a) only need the first 1000 entries (i.e. abandons the request after the first 1000 are returned, or
b) request for subsequent pages?
If the answer is (a), then OpenLDAP software is just behaving as expected. If the answer is (b), then there __might__ be something not working as expected in the back-ldap/slapo-pcache chain that doesn't handle the pagedResults control as expected/reasonable. I say __might__ because I haven't considered yet what would be the reasonable behavior of that setup when the pagedResults control is requested. In principle, back.ldap should propagate pagedResults correctly (actually, by design it is supposed to propagate all controls the frontend can successfully parse). I think the latter case is worth investigation, if your traffic shows that the client is actually requesting subsequent pages but OpenLDAP software doesn't actually honor the request.

I checked the code, and back-ldap works fine in propagating pagedResults but, obviously, pcache doesn't (and I don't see how it could). A possible solution is to trap the control, don't send it to the remote server, so that the whole request is cached, and honor it only on the client's side. This requires some programming effort on the pcache side, which I cannot spend right now, so I chose to disable that control form inside pcache. When it's non-critical it's simply ignored; when it's critical, unavailableCriticalExtension is returned. This should fix your issue as well, assuming your client is setting the control as non-critical. Otherwise you'll have to file your feature request, and wait for someone to implement it :).


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