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LDAP backend

i'm having problems with the LDAP backend, i have 3 servers: 


i have a group in the "ou=serv1,dc=br" server and a user on this group
group --> "cn=group,ou=serv1,dc=br"
user --> "uid=user,ou=serv1,dc=br"

the "ou=subServ,ou=serv2,dc=br"  slapd.conf have the following line:

/*some options....*/

access to dn.subtree="ou=serv2,dc=br"
        by group/group/member="cn=group,ou=serv1,dc=br" write
        by * read

/*more options....*/

database  ldap
suffix    "ou=serv2,dc=br"
uri       "ldap://serv2 IP"
lastmod   off

the "ou=serv2,dc=br" slapd.conf has:

database  ldap
suffix    "ou=serv1,dc=br"
uri       "ldap://serv1 IP"
lastmod   off

when i try to write something on the "ou=subServ,ou=serv2,dc=br" with the user
"uid=user,ou=serv1,dc=br" it says i have insufficient access rights...

what is wrong???
wasn't that supose to work???
thanks for any help :p

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