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Re: Tweaking "threads"

On 9/1/05, Ben Beuchler <insyte@gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm suspicious that individual LDAP sessions may be sticking around a
> lot longer than they should, as I am seeing a *lot* more "BIND" log
> entries than I am "UNBIND".  For example:
> swizzle:/var/log# grep ' BIND' slapd.log|wc -l
> 142308
> swizzle:/var/log# grep ' UNBIND' slapd.log|wc -l
> 36520

This may have been a red herring.  About an hour ago I set the
"idletimeout" to 30.
This is what the numbers look like on the logs created since then:

swizzle:/var/log# grep ' BIND' working.log|wc -l
swizzle:/var/log# grep ' UNBIND' working.log|wc -l

Still pretty disparate.
So looking a little more closely at the logs, I decided to count
'ACCEPT' and 'closed' entries for the whole log, not BIND and UNBIND:

swizzle:/var/log# grep ACCEPT slapd.log|wc -l
swizzle:/var/log# grep closed slapd.log|wc -l

Additionally, I set "idletimeout 30" about 3 hours ago.  We haven't
even hit the busiest part of the day and I'm already running at 57
slapd threads.  Is that also a red herring?  Should I be concerned
about needing that many threads?