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Re: Problem finding telephonenumber in a plain numeric search when number is stored with special characters

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>> Unfortunately, it isn't that simple.  Stanford is its own tel-co,
>> which means we support all sorts of interesting things, like 5 digit
>> numbers (first number is your stanford local prefix) and text numbers
>> (5-HELP).
> I wouldn't find that weird for an APPROX matchingRule to turn aphas into
> digits for comparison.

Are you sure that this alpha-digit-translation is always the same in
every country?

> I think this
> could apply worldwide, except for those places where the leading "0" (or
> whatever) in the area code gets stripped when the country code is also
> present (Sweden for sure; don't know but many other countries likely).

Germany also. This leads to interesting combinations how people try to
express that in their e-mail footers. You'll find nearly everything.

+49 (0)721/9876-123

Note that 00 is the prefix for international phone calls here in
Germany. :-/

Ciao, Michael.