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Re: "threads" v. "concurrency"?

Ben Beuchler wrote:
While "threads" seems pretty clearly to be the hard limit on the
maximum number of slapd threads that will be spawned, how does
"concurrency" relate?  Any good rules-of-thumb for how it should be

concurrency is relevant on systems with M:N threads implementations, and controls how many application threads to assign per kernel thread/lightweight process. (Like new Solaris, old LinuxThreads.) It doesn't really have any effect on e.g. NPTL (which is a 1:1 threads model). Usually you can leave it alone; on an M:N model you could set it to the number of available CPUs. This is very general advice, you need to look at what pthread_set_concurrency really means on your platform (assuming you're using POSIX threads).

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