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RE: slapcat or ldapsearch could not return complete query result

Hi Quanah,

Thanks for following my issue, I sincerely appreciate your effort, I
appologize I did not pay attention to the -h option, after running that
everything works fine, now I can get the output. I m not sure if the
reason was I ran slapcat when slapd was running, but I will avoid this
kind of usage and see if the same issue will come up in the future. 

Thanks again.



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--On Friday, August 26, 2005 3:19 PM -0400 Ran Li 
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> Hello List,
> when I ran slapcat (w/ or w/o slapd), it would not return the complete

> ldif file, and it just hung. If I do ldapsearch for one entry, in a 
> few cases it will give the complete result but most of the time it 
> won't, and it will hang up. slapd log or system log does not say 
> anything. Ran db_recover after stopped slapd, it did not have any 
> output but generated a log.000000xx file. Could any one give a clue to

> start troubleshooting. Thanks.

Did you run db_recover -h /path/to/your/database



db_recover -h /db

Do you have a DB_CONFIG file?


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