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Re: slapcat or ldapsearch could not return complete query result

--On Friday, August 26, 2005 3:19 PM -0400 Ran Li <Ran.Li@sprint-canada.com> wrote:

Hello List,

when I ran slapcat (w/ or w/o slapd), it would not return the complete
ldif file, and it just hung. If I do ldapsearch for one entry, in a few
cases it will give the complete result but most of the time it won't,
and it will hang up. slapd log or system log does not say anything. Ran
db_recover after stopped slapd, it did not have any output but generated
a log.000000xx file. Could any one give a clue to start troubleshooting.

Did you run db_recover -h /path/to/your/database



db_recover -h /db

Do you have a DB_CONFIG file?


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