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Re: LDAP Replication/update dn entry

--On Tuesday, August 23, 2005 3:06 PM -0700 Moe <moe_w90@yahoo.com> wrote:

My replicator entry on both master and slave is :

dn: cn=Replicator,dc=local,dc=gov
objectClass: Person
cn: Replicator
userPassword: admin
sn: Replicator
Can i have a password as a  text form?.

My slapd.conf on master has this: replica uri=ldap:// binddn="cn=Replicator,dc=local,dc=gov" bindmethod=simple credentials=admin

So, can you do a simple bind to your replica as that user?

ldapsearch -x -h -D"cn=Replicator,dc=local,dc=gov" -w


If not, that is what you need to fix.


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