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LDAP backends continue...

>I am having a problem with the "LDAP" backend, i can
>only use the BDB backend, what do i need to use the
>LDAP backend???
>PS: the SLAPD daemon doesn't start if i set the LDAP
>backend... i used the same conf file on another
>machine and it worked but i don't know what this
>another machine have which mine doesn't have...

thanx for all tips men!!!
but... it worked well when i installed by RPM (i think
it enable all the options by default) and i realy
forgot to enable the option --enable-ldap when i
compiled i.

now i have a little question...
my real quest is to make ACL recognise remote group's
i have two partitions, "ou=one,dc=br" and
"ou=two,dc=br", in the partition "one" i have the
object "uid=target,ou=one,dc=br" and in the partition
"two" i have the following objects:
"cn=group,ou=two,dc=br" and "uid=user,ou=two,dc=br".
the ACL file on the partition "one" is:

access to dn.subtree="uid=target,ou=one,dc=br"
    by group/group/member="cn=group,ou=two,dc=br"
    by * read

well... it doesn't work but if i put the "user" dn
instead os the group dn (like -> by
dn.base="uid=user,ou=two,dc=br" write) it work fine!!!

in the slapd.conf of partition "two" i have two
backends, the BDB and LDAP (which is configured with
the URI of the another partition)

it is like this:
database    ldap
uri      "ldap://host/";
suffix       "ou=one,dc=br"

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