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Re: slapd: closed (connection lost) messages

Re: your FUTEX_WAIT; you probably want to upgrade to the latest 2.2 series
(or 2.3 if you can) and see if it still happens; if it does, read very
carefully all entries under "When all else fails..." in the OpenLDAP
Faq-O-Matic for information about debugging symbols and how to submit
reports with them.

As to your log messages:
> But is this in anyway related to the BDB backend that I am using ?
Probably not.

> > Aug 20 21:26:33 ldap2 slapd[29000]: conn=29 fd=10 ACCEPT from
> > IP= (IP=
> > Aug 20 21:26:33 ldap2 slapd[29000]: conn=29 fd=10 closed (connection
> > lost)

It means that that TCP session (connection 29, from was
closed. Note the correlation of "conn=29" on both lines. If you're curious
as to what it is, your best bet is to work with the administrator of and see what software is running on that host connecting to
your slapd.

Given the fact that it's not "actually doing" anything, my best guess is
you're receiving some sort of network health check that's not
protocol-aware. There's really nothing wrong there. Clients tend to
connect to servers, after all, and hopefully your slapd is configured in
such as way as to handle a reasonable number of ephemeral connections.