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Re: slapd: closed (connection lost) messages

Saket Sathe writes:
> Sorry to ask a dumb question.
> But is this in anyway related to the BDB backend that I am using ?

No.  It's network activity, not database activity.

Probably nothing is wrong.  You just have a naughty client which
terminates LDAP sessions by closing the connection, without
bothering to send an Unbind request first.  When that happens, all
slapd can tell is that the connection got lost - it can't tell why.
Which is why it's naughty of clients to do that:  The server admin
can't tell if there is a network problem or not.

>Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
>>Saket Sathe writes:
>>> Aug 20 21:26:33 ldap2 slapd[29000]: conn=29 fd=10 closed (connection lost)
>>> Can someone please help me intrepret these?
>>Unless the client sent an unbind, slapd now logs why connections
>>are closed.  Probably the client just dropped the connection.
>>(Errno is not reported, doing that reliably seemed a bit more
>>hairy than this quick and easy change.)