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Corrupted database


It seems that my LDAP database is corrupted.  I'm able
to do a search of (objectclass=*), but not
(objectclass=posixaccount), even though I'm sure that
it works previously.

Looking at the bdb files, it seems that a db_verify of
objectclass.bdb gives these errors:

slapd_db_verify objectClass.bdb
db_verify: Page 1: item 43 of unrecognizable type
db_verify: Page 1: item 47 of unrecognizable type
db_verify: Page 1: item 421 of unrecognizable type
db_verify: Page 1: gap between items at offset 2232
db_verify: Page 1: item order check unsafe: skipping
db_verify: DB->verify: objectClass.bdb: DB_VERIFY_BAD:
Database verification failed

I've tried to do a db_recover -v and it does not give
me any error message that the recover is not

What should I do to make the objectclass.bdb works?  I
guess I can just do a full search (objectclass=*) and
dump out all the stuff and create a new database.  But
is there any other way to recover?


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