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Re: cachesize does not exceed 1000 entries

What is ">1000 entries?" My initial reading of this was "the first 1000
queries cache fine then it breaks." But I have a feeling that

> uri             "ldap://ldapserver";

is implementing some sort of limit. Use heavier trace (slapd -d -1) to see
exactly what the remote server is sending to see if you get an error code
back. I'm not sure if pcache forwards errors, but

> Aug 16 17:22:12 rldap04 slapd[4474]: conn=0 op=0 SEARCH RESULT tag=101
> err=0 nentries=1000 text=

sounds like you're not getting an error message. In that case I'd try
running some differing purposefully broad searches (against
ldap://ldapserver) from the command line and see if you
repeatedly/unexpectedly get 1000 entries.