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Re: slapd stability problems with add/change operations

--On Friday, August 12, 2005 4:03 PM +0200 Adrian Gschwend <adrian.gschwend@bfh.ch> wrote:

Ah and what I didn't mention so far, we have an SMP box (2CPUs) for this
machine. Not sure if this matters or not.

so, once again I'm running out of ideas here. Comments are welcome

I note this from the Nagios website as well:

There are a few known issues with the Nagios 2.0 code at the moment. Hopefully some of these will be fixed before 2.0 is released as stable...

1. FreeBSD and threads. On FreeBSD there's a native user-level implementation of threads called 'pthread' and there's also an optional ports collection 'linuxthreads' that uses kernel hooks. Some folks from Yahoo! have reported that using the pthread library causes Nagios to pause under heavy I/O load, causing some service check results to be lost. Switching to linuxthreads seems to help this problem, but not fix it. The lock happens in liblthread's __pthread_acquire() - it can't ever acquire the spinlock. It happens when the main thread forks to execute an active check. On the second fork to create the grandchild, the grandchild is created by fork, but never returns from liblthread's fork wrapper, because it's stuck in __pthread_acquire(). Maybe some FreeBSD users can help out with this problem.

It is entirely possible you are hitting the same issue.


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