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Re: Size limit on entries

At 04:55 AM 8/11/2005, Daniel Henninger wrote:
>Hi folk,
>I was to understand from reading some mailing list archives that there is a theoretical unlimited size to any LDAP entry. 

In the protocol, yes.  In a particular implementation, there are
most certainly limits.  There are a few limits in slapd(8), or
underlying systems, that restrict how big an entry can be.

>So I have been asked to add memberUid's for all of the members of a group entry.  Three groups in particular have ridiculously large member lists... one of them, for example, has 82625 users in it at this time.  When I go to populate this group, I get:
>slapadd: could not add entry dn="cn=ncsu,ou=groups,dc=ncsu,dc=edu" (line=197035): txn_aborted! Not enough space (12)

You are likely exhausting a Berkeley DB resource.  

>If there is theoretically no size limit, I can only imagine that this is a berkeley DB restriction and.. if so.. does anyone know how to tweak BDB to allow larger entries?  Thanks!

The FAQ, as well as Berkeley DB documentation, has some discussion
as to how to configure/turn Berkeley DB.  Search for DB_CONFIG.

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