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Re: ref

slapd(8) supports use of 'ref' operational attribute
as discussed in RFC 3296.  The use you describe does
not appear to be compatible nor supported.  Normally,
references such as you discuss would be provided
via user application attributes, such as seeAlso,
and managed purely by the directory application.


At 03:02 AM 8/11/2005, Sebastian Lorkowski wrote:
>Hello List,
>maybe someone can help me. It is the first time I have to develope something
>with ldap.
>I want to have an authentification server and the users and applications
>should be administrated in a ldap tree; users in the one knob and the
>applications in another one. To authentificate the users to use an
>application I need a referrence between the users and the applications. Is
>it possible to do this with "ref" in the same tree with one root? I just
>found examples with references to other servers or trees.
>Thx for help,
>Sebastian Lorkowski
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