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Re: port 389 not present while slapd is running

Check for anything that mentions a port number.  I use the
command-line options, so also it's possible to use that.  Check your
ps -auxwww output (on BSD ps), or ps -o args on systemV-style ps (I
don't know about linux, so check the man page if you're using that)

In lsof, you're looking for the string TCP and an association to the
PID of your slapd process.  For example:

slapd     6104 ldapusr    6u  IPv4 0x306618afcf8       1t0     TCP
*:3891 (LISTEN)

If these don't work, try manually starting your slapd with the
commands your startup script would use, but make sure you understand
each one.

/mypath/to/slapd -h ldap:// -f /path/to/config -otherstuff 
-- For this option, I would also add some debugging options.


On 8/11/05, nugulus@netscape.net <nugulus@netscape.net> wrote:
> Could you please elaborate a little, like how do I check out my own config?
> The slapd.conf file has been used since before the problem occurred. Also, what do I suppose to look for in the lsof output?
> Thank you.
> Jun