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Sync Replication with slapd-perl

Hi all,

I've got OpenLDAP Version 2.2.27 installed with on Master (Provider) and two Slaves (Consumers) which arekept in Sync with SyncReplication. It works like a charm :-)

As stated in the "OpenLDAP 2.2 Administrator's Guide: LDAD Sync Replication" under http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin22/syncrepl.html#Syncrepl%20Details, the consumer-side replication engine, can work with any backends.

My Question is, does this apply to the "slapd-perl" backend aswell?

I used to have a provisioning system up and running, which provisioned my MySQL Server with the three commands "add", "modify" and "delete" with the help of the corresponding perl scripts (a database was created, the password would be changed and the whole database could be deleted).

Is SyncReplication the way to go or do any other solutions apply (I'm not a big fan of slurpd, because I did receive the odd error)?

Many thanks in advance for any answers or suggestions!

Kind regards, Michael

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