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Re: core on slapadd -w w/ OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2_3

--On Tuesday, August 09, 2005 12:43 AM -0400 Dusty Doris <openldap@mail.doris.cc> wrote:

Aware there may be issues with 4.3, just testing.


Hmmm, I compiled a copy with CFLAGS="-g".  Perhaps, I ran the wrong
binary.  I just re-ran it with the version I believe to be compiled with
debug and got different results on the trace.  Below is the bt full, is
this useful?  I have very limited experience with gdb, mostly just "type
this and paste the results" type of stuff.

I'm guessing this isn't useful being that it is mostly telling me "no
symbol table available", except for the last line at least sounds

Yes, this means that you installed a stripped binary. With 2.3 and later, you can do:

make install STRIP=""

to *not* strip the binary on installation.

You can also build with CFLAGS="-g -O2" so you get an optimized build, with debugging symbols. This is what I do for my production systems, so that I always get useful core files in case I need to do a back trace.

As a last resort, you can copy the compiled slapd in your build area (servers/slapd/.lib/slapd) in as your slapd binary, as that is not stripped (it is stripped at make install time).

Hope this helps,

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