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Re: slapd hangs doing large ldap (add|modify|delete)

--On Monday, August 08, 2005 6:35 PM +0530 Thaths <thaths@gmail.com> wrote:


I would really like to deploy OpenLDAP throughout my 700-user network.
However, slapd stops working from time to time randomly. When I run
slapcat nothing happens and the command hangs. This is really
frustrating me.

Have you done any logging?

I have OpenLDAP v 2.2.23-8 installed from Debian package for
sarge/stable. The "crash" usually happens when I am doing a ldapdelete
or ldapadd or ldapmodify. It is totally unpredictable. Not knowing how
to recover from these crashes, I have been re-installing slapd from
scratch and recreating my users.

1. Why does these hangs happen?

Have you configured slapd properly? Have you configured BDB properly?

2. How can I avoid them?

Have you turned up logging?

3. Can I recover from such a hang when it happens? How?

db_recover, usually.

I tried db_recover and it didn't solve the crash/hang. Here is the output:

jupiter:~# db_recover -c -v -h /var/lib/ldap
db_recover: Ignoring log file: /var/lib/ldap/log.0000000004:
unsupported log version 8

This indicates you are using the wrong version of db_recover. Note that sarge installs multiple versions of BDB, and that OpenLDAP in sarge uses BDB 4.2.52 + patches (and not BDB 4.3 which is the default db_recover) command.

If this is the stability level of OpenLDAP, I really hesitate to use
it in a production environment.

OpenLDAP + BDB is rock stable for me, so I'm inclined to believe you have other issues. Although I will note that OpenLDAP 2.2.23 is several releases behind (2.2.26 is stable, 2.2.27 is the current 2.2 release).


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