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Plugin configuration problem

Hi all,

I am trying to configure plugins on my OpenLDAP 2.3.4 on a Sarge test
box. I did compile OpenLDAP with '--enable-modules' and

I have a third-party plugin that I would like to integrate with
OpenLDAP. So I added the following lines to slapd.conf as directed by
the vendor:

preoperation /usr/local/psunix/passwdop/passwdop.openldap.linux.x86
prepasswd_init -cfgfile /etc/psynch.conf -debuglevel debug
-logfile /var/log/psynch_ldap.log

postoperation /usr/local/psunix/passwdop/passwdop.openldap.linux.x86
postpasswd_init -cfgfile /etc/psynch.conf -debuglevel debug
-logfile /var/log/psynch_ldap.log

When I stop and restart slapd, I only see the peroperation type in the

Aug  4 12:34:46 localhost slapd[24001]: line 276 (sasl-regexp
uid=(.*),cn=DIGEST-MD5,cn=auth uid=$1,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com) 
Aug  4 12:34:46 localhost slapd[24001]: line 279 (plugin preoperation
"/usr/local/psunix/passwdop/passwdop.openldap.linux.x86" prepasswd_init
"-cfgfile /etc/psynch.conf" "-debuglevel debug"
"-logfile /var/log/psynch_ldap.log") 

Am I not supposed to also see the postoperation type in the logs?

What am I missing?

Any help is much appreciated.