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Re: Deleting a DN with leading Space Character

Garry Thomas wrote:

	I have an entry in the directory that has a leading space as follows

dn: uid= username,dc=domain,dc=com

I cannot workout how to use ldapdelete to delete this entry, either by specifying the DN on the command line, or in a file.

I have a file called userdel.ldif which has the following

dn: uid= username,dc=domain,dc=com

But when I execute ldapdelete I get

Delete Result: Invalid DN syntax (34)
Additional info: invalid DN

I've tried "escaping" the space with a backslash, and a few other ideas (like using quotes all over the place), but I can't get rid
of it...

Apparently no one asked you the right question: what version of slapd are you using? Any recent/decent version of OpenLDAP software wouldn't let such an entry appear in a database, because the leading space would have been trimmed from the prettified form of the DN that is actually read in; at the same time, no matter how many unquoted leading/trailing spaces you use in the delete request, they would simply be trimmed before proceeding to the database for the actual operation. An escaped space would appear as such, as "\20" in the database. Earlier versions of OpenLDAP software were a bit loose on this (I'm talking about 2.0 and earlier), so I suspect you're using something like that. In such case, the only chance you can fix that datum is slapcat/manual editing/slapadd.


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