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RE: Deleting a DN with leading Space Character

On Thu, 4 Aug 2005, Garry Thomas wrote:

> Thanks for you help...but no luck. I've create a file with the contents...
> dn:: ZG46IHVpZD0gdGlsaTAxLGRjPW5ldHN0YXJuZXR3b3JrcyxkYz1jb20=

Don't include the "dn:" bit - it's assumed to be present.

If ": ZG46IHVpZD0gdGlsaTAxLGRjPW5ldHN0YXJuZXR3b3JrcyxkYz1jb20=" won't work 
(note the leading ":") then you'll need either something like GQ (a 
graphical browser) or a combination of slapcat/edit/slapadd.

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