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Re: blank line issues w/ldif files added by slapadd

--On Saturday, July 23, 2005 2:49 PM -0800 Marc Grober <marc@interak.com> wrote:

I created an ldif file and tried to use slapadd only to come up with the
"could not parse entry" error  As I understand the format,  LDIF files
are supposed to have blank lines.... but looking at the error line
number and the file it became immediately apparent that the issue was
the blank lines.  looking at several years of postings it became
apparent that the recommended solution is to delete the blank lines.....
(shouldn't this gotcha be covered in the portion of the manual doc where
it talks about adding an ldif file using slapadd?)

I guess my question is whether there is an export or import solutiion to
the blank line issue,  or whether in fact anyone wishing to import an
lidf file into ldap must in fact open the file in an editor and abd
reformat, deleting blank lines.....  and are there other artifacts that
need be cleaned out at the same time?

No, you don't understand the error message.

When it is unable to parse an entry, it tells you the first blank line *after* the entry that is problematic. The actual error has occurred somewhere *before* that blank line and *after* the previous blank line.


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