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Re: BDB corruption on windows port of 2.2.19

--On Friday, July 22, 2005 12:59 PM -0700 Safdar Kureishy <safdar.kureishy@gmail.com> wrote:

Thanks Quanah, Howard.

The BDB version of my openldap installation is 4.3.21. Since I got the
db_recover.exe file from a different website (No, it didn't come with
the windows installation of OpenLDAP that I downloaded from
http://download.bergmans.us/openldap/openldap-2.2.19/) it was probably
not the right version, as Howard suggested.

Would anyone know where I could get a *windows* port of the db_recover
utility for BDB version 4.3.21?

I would note that BDB 4.3.21 was seriously flawed in many respects. I would at least try BDB 4.3.28 if I were you, as there were several critical fixes between 4.3.21 and 4.3.28. Also note the recommended BDB version to use with OpenLDAP is 4.2.52 + patches.


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