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Re: olcDbConfig not correctly populating DB_CONFIG file

> As I recall, there is already an ITS filed on this that has been fixed in
> HEAD.  At this point, I suggest testing against HEAD or RE_23 rather than
> using 2.3.4, as many changes have happened since 2.3.4.
> I also note that BDB 4.2.52+patches remains the preferred BDB version to
> use with OpenLDAP.  You play with 4.3.28 at your own risk (which may or may
> not be slight).
> --Quanah

Yep, looks like there was an ITS already on it and its been fixed.  My

I will take your advice on the testing HEAD or RE_23.

For bdb, I just plan on testing 4.3 for a bit to see what issues come up.
I can always go back to 4.2 before I go to production if I start seeing

Have you experienced any specific issues with 4.3 in your test