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Re: ldap newbie again

Payal Rathod wrote:

After my last unsuccessful try and many months of sulking I am trying
LDAP again on a stand alone machine with Mandrakelinux release 10.1 (Official) on AMD 2600+ XP machine.
I am very very new to Ldap and after my last trust with it am lacking in confidence on ldap. Can someone suggest how do I start with it? I have no specific requirement but a shared address book would be a nice idea. How do I start with it? I have installed,
# rpm -qa | grep ldap

There is no ldap binary I can find or a slapd.conf file.
Please tolerate these questions and suggest where do I start?

You need to find binary file slapd for your specific installation, which actually starts openldap.
If it had started openldap on boot, you can verify it using ..
# ps -A | grep slapd

As you see, it starts a process slapd.
If you have not edited slapd.conf edit it first.
It can be either in /etc or /usr/etc or /usr/local/etc depending on your installation layout.
You can atleast find if it exists or not..
# ls / -R | grep slapd.conf

I suggest you install Berkeley DB by sleepycat as backend for LDAP. You can also use gdbm or ldbm as backend.

I have openldap installation instructions here but not sure if it will help you as it assumes you are installing from source.
But It explains bare minimum configuration for openldap.


Sameer N. Ingole