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Re: invalid structural object class chain (inetOrgPerson/fw1person)

On Wed, 20 Jul 2005, Brian Gaber wrote:

> Attempting to convert OpenLDAP v2.0.27-11 to OpenLDAP v2.2.26
> I am running the 2.2.26 slapadd on the file created by the 2.0.27 slapcat

In general, you will need to edit that file.


> Here is the first part of the Jul13-0345 file ( have removed the e-mail addresses and passwords):
> dn: ou=gtis,ou=van1,ou=pac,o=pwgsc
> objectClass: organizationalunit
> ou: gtis
> creatorsName: cn=admin,o=pwgsc
> createTimestamp: 20040128231250Z
> modifiersName: cn=admin,o=pwgsc
> modifyTimestamp: 20040128231250Z

At the very least, you need "objectClass: top"

www.horsfall.org/rdnchk may help you with this.

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