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Intermittent hang/deadlock in hasMore() method of LDAPSearchResults (JLDAP)


I'm using JLDAP to access an OpenLDAP server and query for
information. There are situations (intermittent) where the hasMore()
method of an LDAPSearchResults object returned via
LDAPConnection::search() (synchronous search) seems to be hanging with
teh following stack trace:

	Thread [http-8453-Processor2] (Suspended)
		Object.wait(long) line: not available [native method]
		MessageVector(Object).wait() line: 429 [local variables unavailable]
		MessageAgent.getLDAPMessage(Integer) line: not available
		LDAPSearchQueue(LDAPMessageQueue).getResponse(Integer) line: not available
		LDAPSearchQueue(LDAPMessageQueue).getResponse() line: not available
		LDAPSearchResults.getBatchOfResults() line: not available
		LDAPSearchResults.resetVectors() line: not available
		LDAPSearchResults.hasMore() line: not available [local variables unavailable]

I also see a stack dump alongside this that might be related to it at
the network level:

	Thread [http-8454-Processor4] (Suspended)
		PlainSocketImpl.socketAccept(SocketImpl) line: not available [native method]
		PlainSocketImpl.accept(SocketImpl) line: 353
		SSLServerSocketImpl(ServerSocket).implAccept(Socket) line: 448
		SSLServerSocketImpl.accept() line: not available
		JSSE14SocketFactory(JSSESocketFactory).acceptSocket(ServerSocket) line: 110
		PoolTcpEndpoint.acceptSocket() line: 368
		TcpWorkerThread.runIt(Object[]) line: 549
		ThreadPool$ControlRunnable.run() line: 683
		ThreadWithAttributes(Thread).run() line: 534

Has anyone had any experience with this hang problem? I'm not using
SSL for now, but I plan to eventually switch to using SSL.

Here is the code I'm using to invoke the search (it's a pretty simple
search). I obtain a connection instance by cloning a "master"
connection. After I've iterated through all the results, I close the
cloned connection. According to the Javadoc for this, the call to
close() on the cloned connection should not affect the master
connection in any way.

       // Here I initialize the master connection:
            this.masterConnection.connect(host, port);
this.loginDN, passwd);

      // Here I search by cloning the master connection:
        LDAPConnection connection = this.masterConnection.clone();
        LDAPSearchResults results = connection.search(this.baseDN,
ldapScope, searchStr, requestedAttributes, false);
        try {
            while (results.hasMore()) {  <<<<<< THIS IS WHERE THE
                LDAPEntry nativeEntry = results.next();
                LDAPAttribute idAttr =
        } finally {
            // Always release the connection:

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Is this problem also applicable
when using SSL to connect to the OpenLDAP server?